Jumpstart your NX1 Experience

Advanced Control for Compact Machines

Compact in Size, powerful in functionality, Omron’s new NX1 Machine Controller bring the advanced control of the Sysmac platform into Compact machines, with inbuilt I/O, 24VDC supply, plus EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT communication ports. The NX1 provides synchronized control of all machine devices such as motion, I/O, safety and vision under one Integrated Development Environment.

NX1 Machine Controller

The NX1 series consist of 3 models, differentiating in number of axes it can control. All modules support 4 single-axis servo position control and then from top model supporting 4 servo axes motion control, mid-model 2 servo axes motion control, down to only single-axis position control support. Also available in both PNP and NPN transistor types.

Starter Kit

To give you the possibility to try out the new NX1 controller, we offer two starter kits; motion control or position control.
They include the Sysmac Studio IDE, the S8VK Power Supply and the CPU to enable you to start working with Sysmac Studio immediately. We also include a free of charge training to support you to run your program in day one.

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