PKZ motor protection circuit breaker


Eaton's Moeller series PKZ fuseless motor-protective circuit breakers combine short-circuit and overload protection in a single device. Two versions are available, covering the entire voltage range from 0.1 A to 63 A. And this with only 18 different types, which saves storage space and simplifies project planning. The motor-protective circuit breakers are fully compatible with Eaton’s proven DIL contactor series, and they are therefore ideally suited for use in motor-starter combinations. All accessories, including the integrated auxiliary switches, trip indicators, voltage releases and door coupling rotary handles, can be used for both the PKZM0 and the PKZM4.


Core features

  • The hand-operated motor-protective circuit breaker in accordance with IEC/EN 60947-4-1, VDE 0660 Part 102
  • Rotary handle with ON & OFF switch-position indicator
  • If used in conjunction with the appropriate accessories, the circuit breaker can be turned into the main switch or emergency-stop switch in accordance with EN 60204 and/or VDE 0113
  • Isolating characteristics in accordance with IEC/EN 60947-3
  • UL/CSA (including Types E and F) approvals for the North American market
  • All setting ranges are short-circuiting proof up to 50 kA (400 V)
  • Special IP40, IP55 and IP65 housings offer high levels of protection against direct contact as well as ingress of water and particles; both surface- and flush-mounted enclosures are available.
  • If used in conjunction with surface-mounting and flush-mounting enclosures, main switch and emergency-stop switch applications are also possible



Proven and trusted: PKZM0


The PKZM0 motor-protective circuit-breaker can switch motors from 0.16 A to 32 A, with a short-circuit rating of 150 kA up to 12 A, and of 50 kA up to 32 A.


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Simple and versatile: PKZM4


The PKZM4 covers the current range from 16 A to 63 A and has a switching capacity of 50 kA. It not only allows for safe and simplified project planning but also eliminates the need for a current limiter.


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EATON DIL contactors


The DIL contactors from Eaton’s Moeller series are powerful, efficient and versatile, and they can be combined with our full range of electronic overload relays and bimetal relays. The DC devices stand out for their reduced power consumption, which makes them more energy-efficient and also reduces the size of the power supply units. The DIL contactors are suitable for global use and cover the entire output range, from mini contactor relays (up to 7 A) all the way to vacuum contactors (up to 3,180 A). Thanks to the SmartWire-DT, the contactors are communications-enabled, which allows them to be controlled remotely.


Core features

  • DILM up to 170 A & 4-Pole DILMP contactor up to 200 A
  • DILM frame sizes: 45 mm for up to 32 A; 55 mm for up to 72 A; and 90 mm for up to 170 A
  • UL, CSA, Marine approvals, GOST-R and Ukrain-GOST approvals
  • Temperature range -25 °C to +60 °C
  • Uniform accessories for 3-pole and 4-pole contactors
  • Double box terminals for reliable wiring of different cross-sections
  • The contactors up to 38 A can be controlled directly from a PLC
  • DC-operated devices with integrated suppressor circuits



Connections with just one clever “click” – DIL contactors with Push-in technology


The Push-in terminals enable safe and easy control-panel wiring with just one click. The simplified wiring process enables up to 50 % faster connections – without any additional tools. The contactors with Push-in technology have the same footprint as our conventional contactors and can therefore be easily integrated into existing systems.


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