1. April 16, 2021

    Omron E2E NEXT 3-wire Proximity Sensor

    Long-distance Detection Prevents Unexpected Facility Stoppages

    • The world's longest sensing distance
    • With a high-brightness LED, the indicator is visible anywhere from 360°
    • Equipped with IO-Link to improved productivity
    • Cables with enhanced oil resistance enabled 2-year oil resistance
    • IP69K compliant for water resistance and wash resistance
    • Comes in a wide variation to make sensor selection easy
    • Only 10 Seconds to Replace a Proximity Sensor with the "e-jig"(Mounting Sleeve)
    • UL and CSA certification

    Allows for more spacious design with less risk of contact

    With previous models, to avoid false detections, you were forced to adopt sensor installation designs that risked contact. The E2E NEXT PREMIUM Proximity Sensor can detect accurately from a greater distance, which means you can adopt designs with more space and less risk of contact.

    One size smaller ...

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  2. April 01, 2021

    Eaton’s new Easy E4 Programmable relays

    Control has never been easier thanks to the easyE4 Control Relay!

    With the easyE4 control relay from the MoellerTM series, control tasks can be implemented quickly and efficiently Up to 11 I/O expansions as well as a wide range of voltages are available. Thanks to the high number of inputs/outputs and the large voltage range, the easyE4 is ideally suited to industrial and building applications. In combination with the interrupt function, the powerful processor enables faster processing and response times during operation.

    The new easyE4 devices are not only easy to handle but also offer simple and flexible programming. For additional flexibility, the intuitive easySoft programming software comes with four programming languages (LD, EDP, FBD, ST) as standard.

    The addition of other functions, such as the integrated web server and Ethernet interface, turns the easyE4 into a powerful control relay that can also be integrated into...

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  3. April 01, 2021

    Spring connection with PUSH IN technology

    Direct plug connectors with PUSH IN technology reduce connection times for solid wires and those with crimped on wire-end ferrules by up to 50% compared to clamping yoke terminals. The conductor is simply inserted into the clamping unit to get a safe, gas-tight connection. Even flexible conductors can be connected without tools and trouble. Safe and reliable connections are crucial, especially under harsh conditions, such as those in the process industry. Our PUSH IN technology guarantees excellent contact security and ease of handling, even in demanding applications. Due to the comprehensive selection of accessories and the various cross-connection options, our modular terminal blocks withPUSH IN technology (A-Series) are the perfect solution for all requirements.


    • Release of the conductor without any tool
    • Flexible mounting foot for compensation of different terminal rail dimensions
    • Clear differentiation of functional
    • ...
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