ILME has been designing and manufacturing complete solutions for industrial connections since 1945.

Headquarters in Milan and with subsidiaries in the key countries driving the progress of automation, ILME is an industry leader in the main world markets.

People are vital to success and growth at ILME, sharing a passion for innovation, utmost responsibility and participation.

The company is committed to developing technology in the areas that most impact the future of the industries it serves: high quality and safe cabling, research on the most suitable materials, rapid turnaround and readily available services while striving for energy saving and environmental safeguard.

In the electrical connection sector of industrial automation, characterized by the need for top performance and reliability, ILME is an acknowledged leader with its own patents and a global benchmark supplier of major companies worldwide.

ILME offers a fully integrated range of high-quality products and services for every type of connection to suit any requirements.

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